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Castle Chariot

This item is the fairy land where the fairy queen dwells. Morgaine spends time here as she attempts to go back to Avalon.

Dragon Island

This is the place where the initiates go before they become full-fledged druids and priestesses. Arthur and Morgaine go there for his kingmaking ritual.

Mount Badon

This place is the site of the great battle between Arthur and his troops against the Saxons.


Uther Pendragon resides in this particular castle. Arthur's court is here until the time of the great battle with the Saxons, when everyone moves to Camelot.


This is the particular castle that Arthur builds which represents the new era of peace once the Saxons are driven out. It is home to Arthur, Gwenhwyfar, and his Companions of the Round Table.

The Round Table

This is the item which accompanies Gwenhwyfar as a wedding gift from her...

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