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Designing Avalon

Have students each create their own version of what they think Avalon looks like. This can be created as a diorama or as a 2D picture.

Modern Day Equivalents

Have students come up with modern famous people who might mirror the roles each of the main characters play in this story. For example, is Viviane like Hilary Clinton or some other high-powered female?

Dressing the Part of Avalon

Have students come in costumes that seem to be appropriate for the styles of the day in Avalon. These can be true costumes or drawings of the outfits these characters might have worn.

I Put a Spell on You

Have each student create a short poem that could be used as a spell in their own lives, remembering that the effects can be vague if the wording is vague.

What are Witches?

Have students research witches and witchcraft...

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