The Mists of Avalon Character Descriptions

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This character has to care for Arthur, whose father is Uther. As a result, she feels resentment toward her mother and Uther. This character does not love her real father, but neither does she like Uther.

When this character surrenders her virginity to the Goddess, she is horrified to discover that she has slept with Arthur. She is even more horrified to discover she is pregnant. Angered at Viviane, who has played her for a fool, this character flees Avalon and spends years away, until she discovers that she must do the will of the Goddess and return.


Taking after Uther's fair complexion and good looks, this character is often sick or hurt as a child. When Viviane finds this out, she believes someone is sabotaging this character's ascension to the throne as High King. This character is therefore sent to live as King Ectorius' foster...

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