Daily Lessons for Teaching Mislaid

Nell Zink
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


The first chapter introduces us to Zink and also to her writing style. In this lesson, students will analyze Zink’s writing, for how it reveals her strategies for using language to convey meaning. The tone and mood set in the opening chapters set our expectations for how Zink will us language and reveal meaning and create tension and the framework of a plot going forward. By paying close attention to the opening chapters, we can build a sense of what to expect of her as a story teller, and also of what we can expect of her characters and story.


1. Close Reading: Read the first few paragraphs, and write a short essay that analyzes the writing style. How does Zink write? What kinds of words does she use? How are her sentences structured?

2. Small Group Discussion: Ask students to work together in small groups...

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