Mislaid Character Descriptions

Nell Zink
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Peggy “Meg” Vaillaincourt

This person is a lesbian who marries a homosexual poet and absconds with her daughter to raise her as a black person.

Lee Fleming

This person is a homosexual poet at Stillwater College, and father of a son and daughter.

Mireille “Mickey” Fleming aka Karen Brown

This person is taken from home as a child by a parent who reinvents both of their identities.

Rhys Byrd “Byrdie” Fleming

This person is the child of parents who separate when this person is nine, then this person rediscovers their family through a convoluted set of circumstances involving a party at the University of Virginia.

Temple Moody

This person is the best friend and then lover of a person who is white but was raised under false papers as black.

Loredana “Luke” De Luca

This person is a professor who specializes in black culture, who comes to live in...

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