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Chapter 1, Amer Wagdi

• Amer Wagdi returns to his old residence in Alexandria called Miramar Pension; he is 80 and a retired journalist. It is owned by Mme. Mariana.

• Amer and Mariana plan a New Year's Eve celebration and complain about getting old.

• Amer finds Tolba Marzuq, an embittered ideological opponent, annoying but Amer avoids politics.

• Zohra, a beautiful young woman, arrives asking for a job and Mariana takes her on as a maid shrugging off Amer's worries about Zohra's family.

• Mariana dresses Zohra in nice looking modern clothes. Amer talks with Zohra everyday when she brings his coffee. She trusts him.
• Tolba asks Zohra for a massage and she assumes it has coarser intentions, and Amer says again it is no place for an innocent girl.

• The pension is filled with boarders quickly. Sarhan is a peasant and an accountant at the Textile Mills.

• Hosny is younger than Sarhan...

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