Objects & Places from Miracle at Philadelphia

Catherine Drinker Bowen
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This place is the capital of Pennsylvania, with a busy port and regular market.

Pennsylvania State House

This place, now called Independence Hall, is the seat of the Second Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War.

Articles of Confederation

This object is the document by which the thirteen American states agree to a common, federal government.


During the era presented in the book, this group is made up of representatives from each state.

The Virginia Resolves

This plan is presented by Edmund Randolph, forming a national government that is separate from and superior to the state governments.

The New Jersey Plan

This plan is presented by Paterson, and calls for a federal government that preserves the sovereignty of the individual states.

The Great Compromise

This object allows for proportional representation in the House of Representatives, based on population and equal representation in the Senate, with each state...

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