Daily Lessons for Teaching Miracle at Philadelphia

Catherine Drinker Bowen
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Lesson 1 (from The Scene. Origins of the Convention.)


Bowen begins the book by setting the stage for the 1787 Convention. The Convention is the result of dissatisfaction with elements of the Articles of Confederation. This lesson examines the need for the Convention, including an overview of the delegates to the Convention and the Articles of Confederation which the delegates are to revise.


1. Map Activity: Show a map of the 13 states and Western Territory as it exists in 1787. Identify Philadelphia as the site of the Convention, and locate other significant locations such as New York City, the site where Congress meets during the time of the Convention; Valley Forge, a momentous site from the Revolution; and Mount Vernon, the Virginia home of George Washington.

2. Large Group Discussion: How do the Articles of Confederation come into being? What are the strengths of the Articles? What are the weaknesses of the Articles? Who feels the Articles need...

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