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Catherine Drinker Bowen
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The Scene. Origins of the Convention.

• Held in 1787, the Constitutional Convention has delegates from 12 of the 13 original states.

• Delegates meet to discuss the problems facing the states under the Articles of Confederation, which govern the states after the Revolutionary War.

• The Convention is held for the sole purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation.

• Many of the delegates are familiar names from American History, including Washington, Madison, and Hamilton.

The Delegates and the State House. Washington and Madison.

• When the Convention begins, only delegates from Virginia and Pennsylvania arrive.

• The Virginia delegates write up 15 "resolves" that ultimately serve as the basis for the final Constitution.

• The Convention adopts a rule of secrecy regarding their discussions and decisions.

• The Convention occurs in the Pennsylvania State House, in the same room where the Constitutional Congress meet and the Declaration of Independence is signed.
• The Convention officially opens on May 25th...

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