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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do we know that Maggie tends to be rambunctious?
(a) She manages to stay neat and clean.
(b) She sits still to have her hair combed.
(c) She likes to read books.
(d) She is always getting her clothes dirty.

2. Why do Tom and his friend Bob fight?
(a) One wants to go fishing and the other does not want to.
(b) Bob thinks Tom does not bring him along on his "Noah's Ark".
(c) Tom feels that Bob insults Maggie.
(d) Each thinks the other cheats at a coin flip.

3. Why does Philip and Tom's relationship become strained?
(a) Tom and Philip fight over the mill's water rights.
(b) Philip makes fun of Tom's love of fishing and fighting.
(c) Tom makes fun of Philip's hunchback and insults his father.
(d) Tom and Philip both become interested in the same young woman.

4. How does Maggie de-stress when she is frustrated?
(a) She gets into some kind of mischief.
(b) She goes swimming in the Floss.
(c) She goes fishing with Tom.
(d) She beats up an old wooden doll in the attic.

5. What is Maggie shocked to notice after the sale?
(a) Bob arrives to offer what little he can.
(b) Even the books are gone.
(c) Her mother's linens are gone.
(d) Her father is moved.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Riley recommend that Mr. Tulliver do about Tom's education?

2. What does Mr. Tulliver feel is his strongest reason for staying and working at the mill?

3. Why does Mrs. Tulliver go to see Mr. Wakem?

4. Why does Mr. Tulliver change his mind about asking the Mosses to pay their debt?

5. What is Maggie most shocked by when she arrives at home after accompanying Tom home from Lorton?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do you think that Book Six ends with the chapter in which Maggie leaves Stephen and returns to St. Ogg's?

2. How do Mrs. Tulliver's sisters react to the actions of the Tulliver children?

3. What conclusions do you draw about gender roles in the village of St. Ogg's based on Mr. Tulliver's conversation with Mr. Riley?

4. Do you think that the narrator is favorably impressed with the religion of the Dodsons and the Tullivers? Why or why not?

5. What objection does Tom's Uncle Deane raise to buying the mill, after Tom first asks him to do it? Why does Tom think that it might be possible to buy the mill?

6. How does Mrs. Moss cause Mr. Tulliver to soften and become milder in his feelings toward her family?

7. Why is Bob so determined to help Tom?

8. How does staying up late and talking to Lucy, during her first evening at Lucy's house, help Maggie to feel better?

9. Using the descriptions provided by their parents (Mr. and Mrs. Tulliver), compare and contrast the characters of Tom and Maggie.

10. Why do you think that George Eliot ends Book III with Mr. Tullivan's assertion in the Bible that he wishes Wakem evil?

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