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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 7: Chapter 4 | Book 7: Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is George Eliot trying to communicate with the title, "The Torn Nest is Pierced by the Thorns"?
(a) Creditors keep coming to the door to ask for money.
(b) There are many birds and bird nests in the area around the Tullivers' house.
(c) The Tullivers are like birds living in a torn nest with thorns that poke them.
(d) The Tullivers do not seem to be making any effort to repair their nest and it just gets worse.

2. How do we know that Tom is a very able employee?
(a) Tom says that he feels he is doing a good job.
(b) Tom insists on continuing to invest money in entrepreneurial schemes.
(c) He is earning a good income for his family.
(d) He is offered a share of the business at Guest and Company.

3. Why does Mr. Tulliver want Tom to study drawing?
(a) So that he becomes a good draftsman of buildings and bridges.
(b) So that he is well-rounded, understanding art as well as math and language.
(c) So that he someday becomes an artist.
(d) So that he entertains himself at times when he is bored.

4. Why is it particularly bad timing for Mr. Tulliver to lose the lawsuit?
(a) He has listed his household furniture as security to pay a debt.
(b) He is hoping to take out a second mortgage on his property.
(c) He is just about to expand the mill.
(d) He hopes to be able to afford to keep Tom in school.

5. How does Mr. Tulliver look when he goes to meet his creditors and pay them?
(a) Like his old self, strong and full of life.
(b) Lacking in confidence, unsure of himself.
(c) Emotionally overwrought, tearful, and hesitant.
(d) Sick, weakly, and feeble.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator think about the system of sending boys to study with independent schoolmasters, such as Mr. Stelling?

2. Why is Maggie admitted to society and invited to social events that are thought to be above her station?

3. How does Tom react when he is offered a share in the business at Guest and Company?

4. How do Tom and Philip react when they first meet each other?

5. Why does Mr. Tulliver agree to run the mill, even though Mr. Wakem now owns it ?

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