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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 7: Chapter 4 | Book 7: Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lucy have a confidential conversation with her father the same evening that Philip first comes to visit?
(a) She wants to buy the mill herself and have her family run it.
(b) She wants to warn him that Maggie and Philip may still love each other.
(c) She wants to distract Maggie from Stephen.
(d) She wants to ask him if there is any chance of buying the mill.

2. Why does Mr. Tulliver change his mind about asking the Mosses to pay their debt?
(a) He thinks about how he feels in Mr. Moss's position.
(b) He realizes that he doesn't really need the money that badly.
(c) He remembers that the Mosses have a lot of expenses to pay.
(d) He wants Tom to be generous with Maggie if she ever needs it.

3. Why does Mrs. Tulliver go to see Mr. Wakem?
(a) To convince him to give Tom a job.
(b) To support him as he takes on the running of the mill.
(c) To persuade him not to buy the mill.
(d) To ask him to help the family.

4. Why does Maggie resolve never to see Philip again?
(a) She does not like him very well.
(b) Her family does not approve.
(c) She supposes that he must have many other things to do with his time.
(d) She thinks that he has something to do with her family's bankruptcy.

5. What is Maggie's one indulgence during the period when she is nursing her father back to health?
(a) Fresh fruit.
(b) The company of friends.
(c) The newspaper.
(d) Her daily walk.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Philip come to see Maggie?

2. Why does Maggie run away to live with the gypsies?

3. How do we know that Tom is a very able employee?

4. What does Maggie say to Tom after they leave Philip?

5. What part of the book is introduced in the first chapter?

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