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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3: Chapter 5 | Book 3: Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Philip's main drawback, from Tom's point of view?
(a) He is the son of Tom's father's enemy, Mr. Wakem.
(b) He already learns most of what Tom is studying.
(c) He is not a pleasant person to spend time with.
(d) He does not care for fishing.

2. Why is Maggie nervous about seeing Tom when he comes home?
(a) She wants to convince him to take her fishing with him.
(b) She fears that Tom is upset about being sent away to study.
(c) She forgets to feed his rabbits and they die.
(d) She thinks he forgets about her since he is away.

3. Why is it particularly bad timing for Mr. Tulliver to lose the lawsuit?
(a) He is hoping to take out a second mortgage on his property.
(b) He is just about to expand the mill.
(c) He has listed his household furniture as security to pay a debt.
(d) He hopes to be able to afford to keep Tom in school.

4. How does Tom react to his father's accident?
(a) He tells Maggie never to speak to Philip again.
(b) He looks for a job so he can support the family.
(c) He decides to challenge Wakem to a duel.
(d) He tries to comfort his mother and sister.

5. How does Tom hurt his foot?
(a) He cuts it with the sword he borrows from Mr. Poulter.
(b) He falls down a flight of stairs.
(c) He steps on a rusty nail sticking out of an old bridge.
(d) He sprains it fighting with Philip.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Glegg decide to let Mr. Tulliver keep the money a while longer?

2. What helps Mrs. Glegg to feel better about her argument with Mr. Glegg?

3. Why does Mr. Tulliver fall off his horse?

4. How does Mr. Tulliver's accident cause Maggie to grow up?

5. Who is the one person Mr. Tulliver recognizes after his fall from the horse?

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