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Objective: Book One: Chapter One | Book One: Chapter Two. In these two chapters, the author presents the setting for the novel and introduces the two main characters through the testimony of their parents: Mr. and Mrs. Tulliver. This lesson discusses the concept of introductions.

1) Class Discussion: Ask the class what an introduction is. Ask students what they hope to accomplish when they write introductions to essays and reports. Explain that Chapters One and Two of The Mill on the Floss are this book's introductory chapters, and that the introductory chapters in a novel, in some sense, serve the same purpose as an introduction to an essay or report. In Chapter One, the reader is introduced to the setting. In Chapter Two, the reader is introduced to the main characters. Does the author introduce the book's theme in these chapters as well? If so, how?

2) Lecture: The narrator...

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