The Mill on the Floss Character Descriptions

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Lucy Deane - This character is considered by her family to be the perfect little girl; she is kindhearted, innocent, and sweet, never seeing evil in anyone.

Mr. Deane - This character is a businessman who helps one of the main characters to get a job in a warehouse, and eventually offers to make him a partner in the business.

Mrs. Deane - This character marries well and is the most prosperous of the Dodson sisters.

Mr. Glegg - This character is a retired businessman who does well, but who now spends most of his time working in his garden and trying to figure out the puzzling ways of women.

Mrs. Glegg - This character demands that all the other Dodson sisters live up to her standards, which are rigid, impossible to meet, and often senseless.

Luke - This character is the main partner of Guest...

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