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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gabriela's relationship to Andrei?
(a) They are cousins.
(b) Gabriela is Andrei's boss.
(c) They are engaged in a love affair.
(d) Andrei is Gabriela's boss.

2. What does the plan that Simon Eden, Emanuel Goldman, and David Zemba devise ultimately achieve?
(a) An alibi for Brandel's plan.
(b) Escape for 3,000 Jews.
(c) Money and operational centers for Brandel.
(d) Escape for 4,000 Jews.

3. In Part 2, Chapter 13, Paul is caught between his wife's beliefs and _____________.
(a) Complying with the Nazis' demands.
(b) His wife's demands.
(c) His mother's demands.
(d) His son's beliefs.

4. Where does Gabriela work?
(a) The University of Warsaw.
(b) At a restaurant.
(c) The University of Cracow.
(d) The American Embassy in Warsaw.

5. By whom is Wolf caught while on assignment for the resistance movement?
(a) The Gestapo.
(b) Rabbi Solomon.
(c) Horst Von Epp.
(d) Two Nazi generals.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what political party did Chris' father belong on which Chris later reported?

2. To whom does Paul Bronski turn over all of his estate accounts?

3. Who is Simon Eden?

4. What is the general Jewish response to the horrors in Part 2, Chapter 22-24?

5. What does Solomon have to say about Jewish persecution?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Gabriela doing for work by Part 2, Chapter 17?

2. How does Deborah view her relationship with Chris?

3. When Chris returns from covering the war on the eastern front, what does he discover?

4. As the preparation for the occupation of Warsaw continues, a truce is to be signed. What have the Germans agreed to exchange? What is discovered later about why the Germans even offered this exchange?

5. How does Brandel show that he trusts Rabbi Solomon? With what does Solomon respond?

6. What agreement do Paul and Chris have between one another in Part 1?

7. Who is Rudolph Schreiker, and how can he be described?

8. When it becomes clear in Part 3 that a new contact on the Aryan side is needed, who is selected and how does Andrei feel about it?

9. Who is Horst Von Epp, and why is his job ironic?

10. Which two directions is Paul Bronski being pulled by the Nazis and his wife in Part 2, Chapter 13.

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