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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Wolf Brandel work?
(a) At the synagogue as an apprentice to Rabbi Solomon.
(b) As an inside spy for the Nazis in Warsaw.
(c) As a hit man for Max Kleperman.
(d) On a farm which supplies food to the Jewish ghetto.

2. After all communication with the world is cut off, how does Chris send out his report?
(a) Through Morse code.
(b) He doesn't. He saves them to send out later.
(c) Through evacuating Americans.
(d) He secretly mails them to a friend in America.

3. Who is Simon Eden?
(a) Deborah's brother.
(b) Director of the American Relief Society
(c) The labor Zionist leader.
(d) A pianist and member of the Jewish Council.

4. Despite his personal feelings toward Nazi policies, what does Horst Von Epp do?
(a) Accepts them for personal gain.
(b) Teaches the policies to children.
(c) Refuses to implement them when Nazis are not around.
(d) Refuses to harm Jewish people.

5. What is unique about the Poles sent for the prisoner exchange?
(a) They are all very ill.
(b) They are all amputees.
(c) They are all insane.
(d) They are already dead.

6. What is Gabriela's relationship to Andrei?
(a) Gabriela is Andrei's boss.
(b) They are engaged in a love affair.
(c) They are cousins.
(d) Andrei is Gabriela's boss.

7. Based on Chris' response to Von Epp's invitation for a night of dinner and girls, what does Von Epp assume?
(a) That Chris does not like Von Epp.
(b) That Chris does not like girls.
(c) That Chris has a mistress.
(d) That Chris has a wife in America.

8. How does Paul characterize his wife's brother, Andrei Androfski?
(a) A crazy radical.
(b) A potential understudy.
(c) A respected politician.
(d) A lowly criminal.

9. When all Jewish organization are outlawed, what happens to the Bathyrans?
(a) They separate into smaller factions.
(b) They go underground.
(c) They ignore the ban and continue meeting as usual.
(d) They disband.

10. What happens at the location to which Andrei escapes in Part 1, Chapter 11?
(a) He is almost captured by a German soldier.
(b) He is shot at by a German soldier.
(c) He is nursed back to health.
(d) He gets lost.

11. How is Paul Bronski's living situation different than most other Jews in Warsaw?
(a) He lives in an apartment instead of a house.
(b) He has already been moved by the Nazis, so the worst is over.
(c) He lives in a nice apartment outside of the ghetto.
(d) He still lives with his family.

12. What does Solomon counsel Brandel to do in Part 2, Chapter 5?
(a) Have faith and remain a good Jew.
(b) Gather church followers and train them to fight in the name of God.
(c) Ask God for strength to fight the enemy.
(d) Treat others - even the Germans - how he wants to be treated.

13. In Part 3, Chapter 3, food and supplies are delivered to the Germans in anticipation of whom or what?
(a) A visit from Hitler.
(b) An announcement of the end of the war.
(c) A visit from The Red Cross.
(d) The announcement of an upcoming attack from the Jewish resistance.

14. What does the plan that Simon Eden, Emanuel Goldman, and David Zemba devise ultimately achieve?
(a) Money and operational centers for Brandel.
(b) An alibi for Brandel's plan.
(c) Escape for 4,000 Jews.
(d) Escape for 3,000 Jews.

15. A number of the youth at Wework farm avoid deportation due to the efforts of whom?
(a) Wolf Brandel.
(b) Ana Grinspan.
(c) Gabriela Rak.
(d) Deborah Bronski.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Rabbi Solomon able to obtain from Max Kleperman?

2. How many steps are there to Simon Eden, Emanuel Goldman, and David Zemba's plan?

3. Part Two, Chapter 1 begins with a ________ by Brandel.

4. What job does Gabriela have in Part 2, in order to help her be less conspicuous?

5. There is pressure on Chris to close the news agency, but he will not ____________.

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