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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Twilight, Chapters 1-5)


Part 1, Twilight, Chapters 1-5

Every story is part of a genre, and sometimes a sub-genre. Genre is a way to categorize literature, such as 'non-fiction' and 'fiction.' Historical fiction tells a story in a real place and time drawn from history; it also often contains real people from history, although the main characters tend to be fictional. The objective of this lesson is to clarify that Mila 18 falls into the genre of historical fiction.


1. Five Minute Free-Write: How do you define 'genre'? Is Mila 18 fiction or non-fiction? What sub-genre is it?

2. Group Work: Each group must list at least 10 things in the first five chapters, which demonstrate that Mila 18 belongs in the historical fiction category. Of those 10+ things, half of them should prove that the story is historical, and half should prove that the story is fiction.

3. Class Discussion: What information given in the...

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