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Part 1, Twilight, Chapters 1-5

• Christopher De Monti is a journalist from Switzerland, living in Warsaw. He reports on the war for his Swiss News Agency with his photographer, Ervin Rosenblum, a Polish Jew.

• It is 1939 and Nazi Germany has already overrun Austria and Czechoslovakia. Poles believe they are next.

• Dr. Paul Bronski, Dean of the College of Medicine at the University of Warsaw, has invited Chris to dinner at his home.

• Paul's wife Deborah practices her Jewish faith, unlike Paul, and has raised their two children in that manner.

• An additional dinner guest is Andrei Androfski, a Polish Army Captain and Deborah's brother.

• Paul has been drafted in the Polish forces.

• Dr. Franz Koenig is a German colleague of Paul's who attempts to hide his anti-Semitism but certainly not his dislike for Paul.
• Dinner at the Bronski's is not pleasant.

• Paul turns over all of his estate accounts...

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