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Chris Bohjalian
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Short Answer Questions

1. What alarmed Sibyl when Charlotte began pushing?

2. What needs did Sibyl attend to for her clients?

3. In Chapter 7, what was Connie doing when a police officer arrived at their house?

4. Who did Stephen bring to the Danforth home on the Monday after Charlotte's death?

5. Who did Rand often spend long afternoons alone with when Sibyl was with clients?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Connie upset when she saw Stephen Hastings joking with the prosecutor and judge?

2. How did Sibyl's first experience with childbirth influence her decision to become a midwife?

3. How did the hippie movement, of which Sibyl became a part, influence her decision to become a midwife?

4. What events occurred that prevented Sibyl from getting Charlotte the medical help she needed?

5. Why didn't anyone notice that there was an ice storm outside during Charlotte's labor?

6. What caused Sibyl to believe it might have finally been time to take Charlotte to the hospital?

7. Why did Connie spend a lot of her time riding her best friend's horse?

8. What made Sibyl believe it was safe to go on with the delivery after she went out to warm up her car?

9. Why did the men at the party go on foot to find a telephone when the woman went into labor?

10. What effect did Sibyl's job have on Connie and Rand's relationship?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What tone is set for the novel in the very first section of the book? What does the author do to set the tone? Does the book progress using the same tone throughout, or does it change at some point?

Essay Topic 2

How is Rand affected by Sibyl's relationship? What impact does it have on him as a father? As a husband? As a person?

Essay Topic 3

What does Sibyl's repair of the wound in Charlotte's body reveal about her? Why is it important in her trial? Why does the author place it where he does in the novel?

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