Midwives Short Essay - Answer Key

Chris Bohjalian
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1. Why was Connie so upset when the jury returned to the courtroom?

Connie became hysterical when the jury returned to the courtroom because they had been deliberating her mother's fate, and refused to look at Sibyl. Connie, who was very young, interpreted their behavior as an indication that her mother would be convicted.

2. Why did other people find the words that Connie used as a child strange and uncomfortable?

People found the words Connie used as a child uncomfortable because, since her mother was a midwife, Connie often heard words like "vulva" in her day-to-day conversations. Connie knew these words and was comfortable with them, so she didn't realize most people don't use them in polite conversation.

3. What was Connie's first experience with childbirth?

Connie's first experience with childbirth occurred when she was only seven or eight years old. Sibyl was forced to take Connie along on a delivery because there was no one available to babysit her, so Connie witnessed the birth.

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