Objects & Places from Midwives

Chris Bohjalian
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This was the instrument Sibyl used to remove the child from Charlotte's womb after she believed Charlotte was dead.


Sibyl used this item to wipe away Charlotte's blood.

Bed Sheet

This item was soaked with blood during Charlotte's labor.

Sibyl's Car

Sibyl attempted to use this object to get Charlotte to the hospital, but was unable to due to the ice storm.

Sibyl's Notebook

This was an item Sibyl used to record her thoughts. Connie tampered with it before handing it over to the court.

Sibyl's Statement

Sibyl signed this and gave it to the police without really understanding its implications.

Autopsy Report

This item indicated that Charlotte died from blood-loss during a C-section.

Air Vents

Connie heard about her mother's case through these.

Sibyl's Office

This was where Sibyl saw her patients and where she kept her journal, which Connie read one night.

The Bedford Home

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