Midwives Fun Activities

Chris Bohjalian
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Scene Script

Write a play script for one scene of the book. Include stage directions.

Movie Poster

If Midwives were made into a movie, what would the poster look like? Create a poster for the movie, including the title and a tag line.

Cast the Movie

Imagine you are casting the movie version of Midwives. Make a list of all the major characters in the book and who you would cast in the roles.

Portrait of a Midwife

What do you suppose Sibyl looks like? Draw or paint a portrait of Sibyl. Be sure to pay attention to details Connie gave about her appearance. What does she look like? What kind of clothing did she wear?


Using pictures clipped from old magazines or printed from the Internet, create a collage depicting Connie's feelings during Sibyl's trial.

Job Shadow

Shadow either a midwife or an Ob-Gyn for the...

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