Midwives Character Descriptions

Chris Bohjalian
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Sibyl Danforth

This person is a midwife and is tried for the death of a client.

Constance (Connie) Danforth

This person is an Ob-Gyn and the narrator of the novel.

Rand Danforth

This person is the father of the narrator.

Stephen Hastings

This person is a defense attorney who falls in love with a client.

Charlotte Fugett Bedford

This person dies during childbirth.

Asa Bedford

This person is a minister whose spouse dies during childbirth.

Jared (Foogie) Bedford and Veil Bedford

This person is the minister's child whom the narrator meets while accompanying her best friend as an assistant babysitter.

Tom Corts

This is the narrator's boyfriend at the time of her mother's trial.

Anne Austin

This person is the assistant midwife present at the death of a client during childbirth.

Bill Tanner

This person is the prosecuting attorney in the midwife's trial.

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