Midwives Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Chris Bohjalian
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Prologue and Part 1: Chapters 1-3

• In the Prologue, Connie is fourteen and watching as the jury returns to the courtroom to deliver the verdict in her mother's trial.

• Sibyl has been charged in the death of a client of her midwife practice.

• Connie becomes hysterical when no one will look at her mother, leading her to believe her mother will be convicted.
• Connie recalls frequently hearing, and therefore using, words like vulva as a young child, which are not used in polite conversation.

• The mothers of Connie's friends were sometimes reluctant to let their children play with Connie because of Sibyl's profession.

• Connie saw her first childbirth at age seven or eight when her mother had to take her along on a delivery because no babysitter was available.
• Connie describes the spring when she was twelve and the Bedfords moved to Vermont.

• Connie had a crush on a...

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