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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lydgate prescribe for Raffles' treatment?
(a) Quinine.
(b) Brandy.
(c) Opium.
(d) Iodine.

2. Who inherits Tipton Grange?
(a) Celia's son.
(b) Sir Chettam.
(c) Dorothea's son.
(d) Ladislaw.

3. What does Lydgate think is the real reason for Bulstrode's resignation?
(a) Bulstrode's declining health.
(b) It is too much work.
(c) The operational cost of the hospital.
(d) Bulstrode thinks Lydgate would do a better job.

4. Mrs. Bulstrode asks her husband to leave Stone Court in whose care?
(a) Fred Vincy.
(b) Lydgate.
(c) Ladislaw.
(d) Mr. Brooke.

5. Who sees Lydgate at the pool hall?
(a) Bulstrode.
(b) Fred Vincy.
(c) Mr. Vincy.
(d) Mr. Garth.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to his will, Dorothea will forfeit her share of Casaubon's estate if she does what?

2. Who goes to talk Dorothea out of marrying Ladislaw?

3. When Rosamond and Lydgate argue over her actions, what does she tell Lydgate?

4. Rosamond raises how many children, alone?

5. What does Rosamond want Lydgate to do about their debt?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the events leading up to Fred and Mary's marriage.

2. Describe Ladislaw's visit to the Lowick church.

3. What are Lydgate's fears about what will happen to him because of the gossip about Raffles' death?

4. What are Dorothea's plans for the future in Chapter 55?

5. Describe the circumstances of Casaubon's death.

6. What is Lydgate's diagnosis and prescription for Raffles?

7. What does the narrator say in describing Dorothea's character?

8. How does Rosamond lose her baby?

9. What happens between Bulstrode and Ladislaw in Chapter 61?

10. How does Lydgate's relative respond to Rosamond's request for money?

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