Objects & Places from Middlemarch

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This is the setting of the story.

Tipton Grange

This is the estate where Celia and Dorothea are raised by their uncle.


This estate is owned by Sir James Chettam.


This estate is larger than the others in town, with its own rectory.


Lydgate led a supposedly extravagant lifestyle here.

Last Will and Testament

This document deprived Fred Vincy of his dream of one day owning an estate.


It is a symbol of status in town to own one of these. Fred had to sell his.


Fred Vincy gains some status when he purchases these for one of the estates he manages.


This seems almost sinful to Dorothea at first. However, because of her friendship with Ladislaw in Rome, she comes to understand and appreciate the beauty in it.

Stone Court

This estate is owned by Featherstone, then Rigg, then Bulstrode...

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