Middlemarch Character Descriptions

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Arthur Brooke

This character is the owner of Tipton Grange.

Celia Brooke

This character is described as "amiable and innocent-looking."

Miss Dorothea Brooke

This character is pious and selfless and spends time working for the greater good.

Nicholas Bulstrode

This character is a crooked banker who is forced out of Middlemarch.

Elinor Cadwallader

This character enjoys gossiping and playing matchmaker.

Rector Humphrey Cadwallader

This character is easy-going and prefers fishing to meddling in the affairs of others.

Rector Edward Casaubon

This character is an erudite reverend.

Sir James Chettam

This character is a baronet and owner of Freshitt Hall.


See Dorothea Brooke.

Reverend Camden Farebrother

This character is the vicar of St. Botolph Parish.

Joshua Rigg Featherstone

See Joshua Rigg.

Peter Featherstone

This character is the wealthy owner of Stone Court.

Caleb Garth

This character is the state manager for both the Tipton and Freshitt estates.

Mary Garth

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