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Prelude and Chapters 1-3

• The author describes the life of Saint Theresa, pointing out that good deeds often go unnoticed; even when they are noticed, the doers rarely receive credit.

• Dorothea and Celia Brooke are orphaned sisters who live with their uncle, Mr. Brooke, at Tipton Grange.

• Dorothea is deeply religious, selfless, and has strong opinions; Celia is bright and cheerful, the quintessential Victorian woman. Those who know them typically prefer Celia.

• Dorothea's current charitable project is designing cottages for poor farmers.

• Two of Mr. Brooke's friends (Sir James Chettam, the Brookes' neighbor, and Edward Casaubon, a reverend) come to dinner at Tipton Grange.

• Sir Chettam wants to propose to Dorothea but she prefers Mr. Casaubon and thinks Sir Chettam is attracted to Celia.

• Sir Chettam offers Dorothea a Maltese puppy as a gift, which she rudely refuses.

• After the dinner party, Sir Chettam is determined to propose...

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