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Charles Johnson
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Short Answer Questions

1. After his conversation with Ngonyama, what does Rutherford give him?

2. After Rutherford finds crew members in the storeroom, he returns to the captain's cabin. In what condition does he find Captain Falcon?

3. What does Captain Falcon tell Rutherford the secret cargo consists of?

4. In what way, according to Rutherford, do the Allmuseri greet visitors to their village that is often misunderstood?

5. When Rutherford encounters Falcon in the passageway after one of Falcon's booby traps goes off, what emotion does he hear in Falcon's voice?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Rutherford finishes his dinner conversation with Falcon and returns to the deck, he observes Meadows wearing various people's clothes and imitating them while beating the dogs. Why is he doing this?

2. Rutherford begins daydreaming about Isadora. What does he see himself doing in his daydream?

3. After his discussion with Squibb, Rutherford goes back up on deck and sees Ngonyama looking out to sea toward Bangalang. What does this remind Rutherford of?

4. After Rutherford helps throw the boy's corpse overboard, he is left with a piece of the boy's rotting flesh in his hand. What feeling does this experience leave him with?

5. When the Republic breaks apart, what does Squibb do?

6. When Rutherford enters the captain's quarters, he finds it in ruins and the captain badly hurt by falling beams. What, due to his injuries, is the captain no longer able to control?

7. When Rutherford first awakens after fainting while feeding the Allmuseri god, Squibb is feeding him a piece of steak that turns out to be Cringle's flesh. How did Cringle wind up as Rutherford's dinner?

8. How do the slaves get free?

9. Rutherford tells Squibb about his brother and master. What reason does he give for Rev. Chandler deciding to keep him and Jackson, his brother, after Chandler inherited them from their father?

10. After Rutherford is thrown into the water, he sees the Allmuseri grabbing onto wood and debris to stay afloat; however, they are still very close to the ship. What happens to nearly all of the Allmuseri when the ship goes below the surface?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Rutherford described Cringle as having a sixth sense about disaster. Using examples from the text, demonstrate, analyze, and explain how this sixth sense proved to be an accurate foreshadowing of the events that took place during the Republic's voyage.

Essay Topic 2

Using the text as backup, analyze how Cringle's lifelong quest to please his father has destroyed him emotionally and psychologically, and explain how Cringle's physical condition in Entry 7 is used by the author to symbolize his internal devastation.

Essay Topic 3

Citing examples from the text, analyze and explain why Rutherford's grudges and resentment against his brother, Jackson, as well as his abandonment by both his father and (to an extent) Reverend Chandler, make it difficult for him to trust others.

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