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Charles Johnson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When is the only time Cringle seems to relax?
(a) When he is alone on watch.
(b) When he is alone on watch or reading.
(c) When he is sleeping.
(d) When he is with others.

2. Isadora agrees to pay off Rutherford's debt if he agrees to what?
(a) Kill Mr. Zeringue.
(b) Marry her the next day.
(c) Kill Santos.
(d) Work aboard the Republic.

3. How does Rutherford describe himself as having felt on board?
(a) Nauseous.
(b) Claustrophobic.
(c) Hydrophobic.
(d) Dizzy.

4. At the beginning of Entry 2, what does Rutherford say wakes him up?
(a) A pistol pressed against his head.
(b) A knife pressed against his stomach.
(c) A knife pressed against his neck.
(d) A pistol pressed against his stomach.

5. The name of the ship on which Rutherford's new acquaintance is sailing is:
(a) The Republic.
(b) The Federalist>.
(c) The Juno.
(d) The Black Pearl.

Short Answer Questions

1. When carving a pig, how does Rutherford describe the way Ngonyama handles the knife?

2. The next time Rutherford talks to Falcon, what does Falcon tell him he plans to do with the Allmuseri once they reach land?

3. When he arrives in New Orleans, where does Rutherford try, but fail, to find work?

4. How much water do the Allmuseri have in the hold where they are they are kept?

5. When the Republic begins its return trip to New Orleans, what does it encounter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Rutherford say about using sob stories in situations such as his first meeting with Captain Falcon?

2. Rutherford's first excuse for coming aboard the ship is that he is Squibb and is ready to work. What is his second excuse, after Cringle tells him that Squibb is on board?

3. Rutherford tells Isadora he doesn't want to marry anyone. As he thinks about the situation, what does he realize about his reluctance to marry Isadora?

4. After the mutiny conference when Rutherford brings Captain Falcon his dinner, what does he say to the captain when asked for a report on the activities of the crew?

5. What does Rutherford think about Isadora's choice of New Orleans as her city of residence?

6. When Falcon begins telling Rutherford intimate details about his crew, what does Rutherford decide the captain's motives for doing so must be?

7. As Cringle is taking Rutherford to meet the captain, Rutherford gives Cringle his real reasons for boarding the ship. What are they?

8. When Rutherford is awakened by Cringle and other members of the Republic's crew, why is he so quick to obey Cringle when he orders him to his feet?

9. When Rutherford shows Ngonyama a picture of Isadora, why does he ask why she has smudges on her face?

10. On the day Rutherford meets Baleka and her mother, he throws Baleka a biscuit. What is her mother's response?

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