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Charles Johnson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Captain Falcon catch Rutherford doing one night?
(a) Rummaging through the galley.
(b) Stealing from the liquor stash.
(c) Stealing from the rest of the crew.
(d) Rummaging through his cabin.

2. What is the total value of the ship's entire cargo?
(a) $8,585.
(b) $8,885.
(c) $8,858.
(d) $8,888.

3. What did Reverend Chandler, Rutherford's master, try to teach him while he was growing up on the plantation?
(a) Penmanship.
(b) Biblical virtues.
(c) Financial prudence and honesty.
(d) Penmanship and Biblical virtues.

4. What does Cringle tell Rutherford that Falcon watches for in each crew member?
(a) A weakness.
(b) Incompetency.
(c) Illness.
(d) A strength.

5. What prophecy of Reverend Chandler about him does Rutherford say comes true in Entry 3?
(a) He becomes a murderer.
(b) He becomes a man's man.
(c) He becomes a thief.
(d) He becomes a pirate.

Short Answer Questions

1. During his sob story, how did Rutherford say his mother had died?

2. Why does Squibb walk with a limp?

3. How many lines of a book had Captain Falcon taught himself to read at once?

4. What is the main thing that Rutherford notices about the Republic?

5. Captain Ebenezer Falcon has a reputation for being:

Short Essay Questions

1. On the day Rutherford meets Baleka and her mother, he throws Baleka a biscuit. What is her mother's response?

2. What is Captain Falcon's reason for telling Rutherford to sit down?

3. As Cringle is taking Rutherford to meet the captain, Rutherford gives Cringle his real reasons for boarding the ship. What are they?

4. Rutherford's first excuse for coming aboard the ship is that he is Squibb and is ready to work. What is his second excuse, after Cringle tells him that Squibb is on board?

5. What ability does Rutherford lose while at sea?

6. When Rutherford, angry about the deal Isadora has made with Zeringue, asks her "how could you do this to me?" what is her response?

7. When Falcon begins telling Rutherford intimate details about his crew, what does Rutherford decide the captain's motives for doing so must be?

8. After the storm dies down, what does Matthew McGaffin accuse Cringle of?

9. As Rutherford looks at the crates of souvenirs (such as scrolls, paintings, and prayer carpets), whom does he realize is paying for the items and why?

10. Rutherford tells Isadora he doesn't want to marry anyone. As he thinks about the situation, what does he realize about his reluctance to marry Isadora?

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