Middle Passage Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Charles Johnson
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1. Where did freedman Rutherford Calhoun work when he was a slave?

In the cotton fields.

2. What does Rutherford say New Orleans women always smell like?


3. When he arrives in New Orleans, where does Rutherford try, but fail, to find work?

Salons and negro bars.

4. What does Rutherford eventually take up as a career?


5. What did Reverend Chandler, Rutherford's master, try to teach him while he was growing up on the plantation?

Penmanship and Biblical virtues.

6. Rutherford warns the reader not to be too ________________ his way of life.

Judgmental of.

7. While in New Orleans, where does Rutherford like to hang out?

The waterfront.

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