Objects & Places from Middle Passage

Charles Johnson
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New Orleans

This place is the city where the novel begins.

The dock

This place is where the main character meets his love interest.

The Republic

This location is the ship on which the bulk of the story takes place.

Isadora's apartment

This place is a menagerie of handicapped cats, birds, and other animals.


This trading post is where the crew picks up the bulk of their cargo including hides, ivory teeth, gold, rice, sheep, goats, vegetables, butter, beeswax, and a human cargo of African slaves.

The captain's cabin

This place is the scene of a suicide.

The galley

This location is where the meals are prepared on board ship.

The hold

This place is where the slaves are kept; it is dark, filthy, cramped, and infested with rats and insects.

The secret cargo

This is contained in a large crate and is the subject of much...

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