Middle Passage Fun Activities

Charles Johnson
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Plotting the Journey

Have students make a map that represents the Republic's journey and indicates key incidents along the way. (Note: Have them plot the course to Guinea; the real Bangalang is actually in Tanzania, which is in East Africa).

Overcoming the Overcomers

Transform the class into the crew. How will they band together in order to overcome the Allmuseri and regain control of the ship? Have them come up with a battle strategy.

Middle Passage: The Series

Have students develop a "pitch paper" for a TV series based on Middle Passage. The paper should include a concept as well as an overview, plot, character list, and proposed cast for a pilot episode.

Developing Trust

Have students perform a skit that re-enacts the meeting between Rutherford and Captain Falcon in which Captain Falcon asks Rutherford to be his eyes and ears for the crew.

Model Boats

Research, then...

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