Middle Passage Character Descriptions

Charles Johnson
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Rutherford Calhoun

This person is the writer of the journal entries through which the story is told.


This person is a kind, gentle schoolteacher.


This person had to have a bone in his right foot replaced with a metal rod.

Peter Cringle

This person is the first mate and quartermaster of a ship who allows his crewmates to cannibalize him.

Captain Falcon

This person is mistaken for a dwarf because of his small stature.

Reverend Chandler

This person was once a slave master, although he hated slavery.

Jackson Calhoun

This person chose to stay with his master when he and his brother were freed from slavery.

Philippe Papa Zeringue

This person is a wealthy and powerful man who owns a great deal of property. He is, however, more of a gangster than a businessman.


This person was once an undeteated, dirt-pit wrestler for his slave...

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