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Thomas Schelling
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Short Answer Questions

1. Under what condition, does Schelling say, would a black person feel more comfortable reading ads in a church bulletin?

2. What example from nature does Schelling contrapose to human decisions?

3. When does Schelling say social behavior can be considered a critical mass?

4. Which example does Schelling say complicates the prospect of arriving at a definitive proposition?

5. What does Schelling say Hardin based his research on?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kinds of subliminal factors does Schelling say affect people's decisions of where to sit?

2. What is a semi-closed system?

3. What does Schelling say the thermostat model seeks?

4. According to Schelling, what is not included in his model of integration and segregation?

5. What is the lemons model?

6. How does Schelling say human systems differ from natural systems?

7. How does Schelling characterize eugenics?

8. How does Schelling describe the role of the social scientist?

9. What is a binary choice?

10. What would the demographic consequences be, if parents could select the traits of their children?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose an event out of a newspaper or magazine, describe the primary model at work in it, and describe the underlying assumptions as well as the externalities and extra factors that are evident in the event.

Essay Topic 2

Schelling's models seem to swing back and forth between literary metaphors and statistical methods. Is one predominant? Is one more or less reliable?

Essay Topic 3

How has Schelling's economic modeling changed in an age of data mining and news aggregators and other digital techniques for gathering and sifting enormous amounts of information? Is it that more people have access to aggregate patterns? Or that new kinds of control are possible now?

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