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Thomas Schelling
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Schelling say about the frequency of pairs?

2. What does Schelling say people feel in a "bounded-neighborhood" model?

3. What does Schelling say race discrimination is caused by?

4. How does Schelling say the success of society is evaluated?

5. What does Schelling say is an atomic pile is an example of?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is nuclear arms control a self-fulfilling prophecy, in Schelling's analysis/

2. What example does Schelling use to illustrate an externality?

3. What is a binary choice?

4. What is the open model, in Schelling's analysis?

5. What factors influence how effective a proposition is, in Schelling's analysis?

6. What distinction does Schelling draw between decisions other people have made?

7. What natural preference does Schelling say leads to segregation of populations in American cities?

8. According to Schelling, what is not included in his model of integration and segregation?

9. Under what circumstances does Schelling say that chromosomal selection could be beneficial?

10. How does Schelling say technology has changed the number of genetic outcomes that can result when a man and a woman conceive?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose an event out of a newspaper or magazine, describe the primary model at work in it, and describe the underlying assumptions as well as the externalities and extra factors that are evident in the event.

Essay Topic 2

Schelling writes that groups tend to gather around a primary distinction, but secondary distinctions still exist beneath the surface. Select a case study from history or from current events and describe the interplay between the dominant identifier and the relationship between sub-identifications within that group.

Essay Topic 3

What do Schelling's models of human behavior tell us about human nature? Do they tell us different things about individuals than they tell us about society? Do they delve into psychology, or are they still essentially economic in nature?

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