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Thomas Schelling
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Short Answer Questions

1. How do people affect each other's decisions where to sit in theater?

2. What does Schelling say about the underlying motivation for segregation?

3. What does Schelling say race discrimination is caused by?

4. What does Schelling say is important in economics?

5. What does Schelling say about discrimination?

Short Essay Questions

1. What issues does Schelling describe surrounding the question of raising the draft age in the U.S.?

2. What hope does Schelling have for the future of nuclear weapons?

3. What does Schelling mean when he says that certain behaviors have the character of mathematical "identical truisms"?

4. What does Schelling say is the best use for the models he is describing?

5. What experience got Schelling thinking about distribution?

6. How does Schelling say human systems differ from natural systems?

7. What factors does Schelling say social scientists have to account for in models of human behavior?

8. What is a self-fulfilling prophecy?

9. What does Schelling say a closed model can be used for with regard to prospective college students?

10. What methodological difficulty does Schelling see in a college where the population is 75% female, with a handful of black students?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Which has a bigger effect on society, the choices people can see, or the choices they make that cannot be seen?

Essay Topic 2

Which models are most convincing in predicting outcomes, and which models are least convincing? Describe a case where a model lines up neatly with phenomena, and another case where a model fails to account for behavior.

Essay Topic 3

Tolerance is a desirable quality to identify in an economic model of behavior, but how would you define the value of tolerance in Schelling's models of integration? What would you know it by? What factors would indicate a 'tolerant' neighborhood or society?

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