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Thomas Schelling
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How hockey players feel when the league makes helmets mandatory, in Schelling's analysis?
(a) Relieved.
(b) Glad.
(c) Resentful.
(d) Rebellious.

2. What does Schelling say happens when the youngest ten percent of a population moves?
(a) There is a new "youngest" ten percent.
(b) The average age of the group decreases.
(c) The old people are next to
(d) The population is now considered more distributed.

3. What was the status of nuclear weapons under Truman's successor?
(a) They became conventional weapons.
(b) They were banned.
(c) They were heavily regulated.
(d) They were classified as weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

4. What does Schelling say about binary choices?
(a) Sometimes they are paradoxes.
(b) They are the building blocks of economic modeling.
(c) Everyone faces them at some point.
(d) They are like life or death decisions.

5. What does Schelling say the simplest model of a closed system with a density enhancement contains?
(a) Micropopulation numbers and statistical projections.
(b) Population numbers and historical date.
(c) Future forecasting predictions.
(d) Population numbers and individual preferences.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the successor to the President who dropped the bomb?

2. What does Schelling say about arms control?

3. What vocabulary does Schelling use for "going along with the crowd"?

4. What does Schelling say about the number of genetic variations that can take place when a man and a woman have a baby?

5. What does Schelling say about an equilibrium division of the population?

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