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Richard Paul Evans
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the decision Michael makes on the second night?
(a) He'll have to find a way to beat Nichelle.
(b) He'll stay if they let his mom and friends go.
(c) He'll have to resist Hatch's demands.
(d) He'll pretend to go along with Hatch's demands.

2. Why does Ostin say he's going to Pasadena with Michael?
(a) He's waited for an adventure like this his entire life.
(b) There's no point in being at home without his best friend.
(c) Michael can't possibly get there on his own.
(d) Michael pleads with him to go.

3. What does Dr. Hatch reveal about Michael's father's job?
(a) He'd been the person who caused the MEI to malfunction.
(b) He had been an attorney protecting Hatch from lawsuits.
(c) He had helped test the MEI.
(d) He had provided financing for the MEI.

4. What does Michael say he felt when he chewed through a vacuum cleaner cord when he was four?
(a) It hurt.
(b) It tickled.
(c) He had no electricity for several days.
(d) He slept for a full day.

5. What does Michael say happened to his father?
(a) He died of a heart attack.
(b) He died in a house fire.
(c) He died of cancer.
(d) He died in a train wreck.

6. What color were the jumpsuits work by Wade and Jack when Hatch orders them brought in?
(a) Blue.
(b) Orange.
(c) Neon green.
(d) White.

7. What does Dr. Hatch say when Tara says they've spent about ten thousand dollars?
(a) They should be about finished.
(b) He wants to know what Tara bought for herself.
(c) He hadn't expected them to spend so much so quickly.
(d) They should pick up the pace.

8. What was the nightmare Michael had that night?
(a) His mother was being shocked repeatedly.
(b) Taylor was being shocked repeatedly.
(c) His mother was in a cage at the zoo.
(d) He was being shocked repeatedly.

9. What does Taylor reveal to Ostin?
(a) She wishes she were home.
(b) She's jealous of how smart he is.
(c) She likes Michael.
(d) She wishes she'd given in to Hatch's demands.

10. What does Dr. Hatch reveal about Michael's father's death?
(a) Michael had stopped his heart.
(b) He'd died months before Michael was born.
(c) He hadn't actually died.
(d) He was still in prison for his role in the MEI problem.

11. Where does Tara say they're going that morning?
(a) Class.
(b) A concert being staged in Taylor's honor.
(c) A string of discount stores in search of bargains.
(d) The Miracle Mile for shopping.

12. What does Tara say when Taylor asks if she can read minds?
(a) They can all read minds.
(b) It's not possible to read minds.
(c) Only Tara can read minds.
(d) Dr. Hatch would freak out if any of them could.

13. What is McKenna's ethnicity?
(a) She's Korean.
(b) She's Chinese.
(c) She's Japanese.
(d) She's African America.

14. What does Tara say to the hostess at the Japanese restaurant that prompts them to give her a table?
(a) Dr. Hatch has reservations.
(b) She's from the Elgen Academy.
(c) She will pay five hundred dollars for a table.
(d) She's a celebrity.

15. What does Dr. Parker say is unique about how Michael handles electricity coming into his body?
(a) He can capture it.
(b) It's painful to him.
(c) He can dissiminate it.
(d) He enjoys it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ostin's response when Dr. Hatch says he doesn't belong here?

2. What does Michael do when he learns his conversation with Clyde will be recorded?

3. How does Taylor say she knows about the famous jeweler, Harry Winston?

4. What is the news story Hatch is watching when the phone rings at the beginning of Chapter 29?

5. What does Dr. Hatch say about Michael's powers?

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