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Richard Paul Evans
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Michael say he would do if he were the king of the world?
(a) Make himself rich.
(b) Show everyone his powers.
(c) Have Mondays removed from the calendar.
(d) Make it illegal for anyone to pick on anyone else.

2. What does Ostin say Dallstrom will do if Michael refuses to go to the Elgen Academy?
(a) Make Michael's life miserable.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Make Taylor go in his place.
(d) Kick him out of school.

3. Why does MIchael call the pizza place he likes "Pizza Max?"
(a) The name it too long to remember.
(b) The first time he had the pizza there, his mom said it was "Pizza to the max."
(c) That's the name of the place.
(d) Because the name is Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza.

4. Nichelle says she is _________.
(a) A girl with a mission.
(b) A dedicated member of Dr. Hatch's team.
(c) An electrical vampire.
(d) Ruthless.

5. What does Nichelle make Taylor say before she'll stop torturing Taylor during the ride in the van?
(a) Pretty please with a cherry on top.
(b) I'll do anything you say.
(c) You are the queen of the universe.
(d) I'll lick your boots.

6. What is Michael's comeback when one of the three call him "blinky boy"?
(a) You need mouthwash.
(b) Your mama's fat.
(c) I am not.
(d) Your mama dresses you funny.

7. What are members of the basketball team calling Michael?
(a) Little Man.
(b) Big Man on Campus.
(c) Stone Cold II.
(d) Little Norris.

8. How much is the bounty on the "last two children," as revealed during the conversation in Chapter 1?
(a) A quarter of a million dollars.
(b) A million dollars.
(c) There isn't one.
(d) A half million dollars.

9. Why does Michael surge and shock everyone sitting on his row of the bleachers at the game?
(a) Jack started picking on him.
(b) He was jealous when Taylor was talking to Tim Wadsworth.
(c) He got nervous and forgot to control the power.
(d) He got excited and forgot to control the power.

10. What does Ostin say he did when he discovered Michael lying on the ground beside his mom's car?
(a) Ran back inside and asked someone to call the police.
(b) Screamed for help.
(c) Tried to revive Michael.
(d) Used his phone to call police.

11. Where is Ostin the morning after he goes out with Michael for ice cream?
(a) Dance class.
(b) Shoved in his locker.
(c) Tutoring.
(d) A dentist appointment.

12. What is the message that comes over the PA system while Michael, Taylor, and Ostin are standing near Taylor's locker?
(a) Taylor is wanted in the library.
(b) Michael's mother is waiting for him in the lobby.
(c) Ostin's mother is waiting for him in the principal's office.
(d) Michael is to go to the principal's office.

13. Who is Dr. Parker?
(a) The psychologist at Pasadena Hospital.
(b) The resident physician at Elgen.
(c) The doctor at the hospital where Michael is.
(d) The doctor in charge of electrical research at the Elgen fcility.

14. Why does Taylor's dad say he embarrasses every boy she likes?
(a) He doesn't mean to.
(b) It's his job.
(c) He enjoys seeing her blush.
(d) He's practicing for when she's old enough to date.

15. Why did Michael say he hoped no one called his mother?
(a) He didn't want to make her day worse than it already was.
(b) He knew she'd come to the school and make a scene.
(c) He knew he'd be in trouble at home as well.
(d) He knew she'd cry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is Not part of the bet Taylor tires to make on the fight between Corky and Michael?

2. What was Michael's response when his mom asks if Taylor is cute?

3. What was the Meridian Warhoop?

4. Who drives Michael, Ostin, and Taylor to the after-game party?

5. Where does Michael live?

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