The Metamorphosis Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the first thing Gregor thinks about when he wakes up to his transformation and why?

Gregor thinks first about his work, reflecting on the hardships of being a traveling salesman. His family has accrued many debts and with Gregor as the only working person in the family, the weight of paying off these debts is on his shoulders.

2. Why is Gregor grateful to have a lock on his bedroom door?

After his mother asks Gregor if he has forgotten about his train, the rest of the Samsas come to his door to see what the problem is. Gregor is unsure how to deal with his newly transformed body and is not ready to reveal himself to his family.

3. What does Gregor tell himself will pass as he lays in bed, deciding what to do next?

Gregor, still unsure if the gravity of his situation, tells himself that the little aches and pains of the morning tend to resolve themselves once you get going.

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