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A. Craig Copetas
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 11, Marc Rich offered Third World countries support in developing what fledgling industries?
(a) Film.
(b) Oil.
(c) Mining.
(d) Copper.

2. Who was very concerned with the risks that Rich was taking with oil trading in Chapter 7?
(a) Fielder.
(b) The Board of Directors.
(c) Jesselson.
(d) Pinky.

3. What did Jesselson order Rich to do after he'd made the oil deal with Iran in Chapter 7?
(a) Find a seller.
(b) Quit his job.
(c) Find a buyer.
(d) Talk to the Board.

4. In Chapter 8 a deal was struck whereby Rich would be provided with how many barrels of oil daily?
(a) 100,000.
(b) 150,000.
(c) 50,000.
(d) 200,000.

5. What term refers to a "source of emulation," also known as a Grand Ayatollah in Twelver Shi'a Islam?
(a) Shah.
(b) Mafa.
(c) Kafa.
(d) Marja.

6. How many people attended the funeral of Robbie Lichtenstern?
(a) 100.
(b) 200.
(c) 150.
(d) 300.

7. Where is sixty-five percent of the world's cobalt mined?
(a) Nigeria.
(b) South Africa.
(c) Zaire.
(d) Brazil.

8. Where has OPEC maintained its headquarters since 1965?
(a) London.
(b) Vienna.
(c) Oslo.
(d) Paris.

9. How much money did Marc Rich make in his first year in his new business in Chapter 9?
(a) $14 million.
(b) $20 million.
(c) $5 million.
(d) $10 million.

10. How many of traders were in Rich's core team after a year in his own business?
(a) 10.
(b) 20.
(c) 15.
(d) 30.

11. With his new company, Rich made sure to make quick deals on what, which had always been considered Jesselson's specialty?
(a) Plutonium and chromium.
(b) Gold and silver.
(c) Mercury and copper.
(d) Copper and chrome.

12. When did the Ayatollah Khomeini take control of Iran?
(a) 1967.
(b) 1972.
(c) 1979.
(d) 1985.

13. In what years did Marc Rich make the greatest profits in oil as this was its peak in American demand in Chapter 9?
(a) 1980-81.
(b) 1976-77.
(c) 1979-80.
(d) 1974-75.

14. How did Robbie Lichtenstern die?
(a) Cerebral hemorrhage.
(b) Heart attack.
(c) Automobile accident.
(d) Stroke.

15. The town where Rich and Pinky set up their headquarters allowed individuals to conduct business by doing what?
(a) Registering at a council.
(b) Paying a bribe.
(c) Signing a petition.
(d) Putting up a sign.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did the price of oil that Rich bought from the Iranians reach a profitable margin in Chapter 7?

2. Where did Rich and Pinky move their offices after six months in Chapter 8?

3. The author writes in Chapter 9 that if Iranian oil was selling for $20 a barrel, Rich could get it for how much?

4. Arab members of OPEC alarmed the world when they used the "oil weapon" during the Yom Kippur War by implementing oil embargoes and initiating an oil crisis in what year?

5. Who was the Shah of Iran in 1979?

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