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1. List at least three ways Matty can tell that he's growing up.

He measures himself against the window pane both when he's standing near the house and when he moves away. His voice is deepening, and his face is becoming more manly.

2. Why doesn't Matty care about the "subtlety" of the herbs as Seer does?

Matty is impatient. Though he admits that the food tastes better after he's followed Seer's instructions, he doesn't think it's worth the effort.

3. Why doesn't Matty want to tell Seer where he's going after supper?

Matty is puzzled by it. He doesn't want to try to explain it yet, even to Seer.

4. How does Seer know Matty is about to leave the house, and what does Matty say about Seer's ability to detect movement?

Though Matty tries to be very quiet, Seer knows that he's moving toward the door. Matty says that he's known Seer to be able to hear a spider scurry from one side of the room to the other.

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