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Essay Topic 1

Write a comparison of the characters of Matty and Leader. Be sure to consider the roles of each in the lives of the people of Village.

Essay Topic 2

What is the author's purpose of referring to "Village" rather than "the village?" Does the author serve this purpose? Is the purpose the same when referring to "Forest?" Why does Matty live in "Village" while Kira lives in "the village?"

Essay Topic 3

Who is Jean? Mentor? Rosy? Ramon? Vladik? Gatherer? Stocktender's widow? What is the role each plays in Matty's life?

Essay Topic 4

Leader is responsible for giving people their "true names." What does Matty hope his true name will be? What does he thing Ramon's true name might be? List at least three true names and tell what those names say about the person.

Essay Topic 5

What is Kira's gift? What is Matty's gift? What is Leader's...

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