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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would Almeda like to receive from Jarvis?
(a) Some romantic attentions.
(b) Some stock advice.
(c) Funding for the new library.
(d) His vote for city council member.

2. Who is the protagonist of the story?
(a) Almeda Joynt Roth.
(b) Alexandra Joynt Roth.
(c) Alameda Joiner Roth.
(d) Almeda Joyner Roth.

3. What kind of life does Almeda instinctively desire?
(a) Religious.
(b) Married.
(c) Fun-filled.
(d) Independent.

4. What does Jarvis do with Almeda on Sundays?
(a) Takes her to brunch.
(b) Takes her out driving.
(c) Takes her to the theater.
(d) Walks her home from church.

5. With what does each of the sections begin?
(a) A few lines from Shakespeare.
(b) A few lines from Thoreau.
(c) A few lines written by the protagonist.
(d) A few lines from Whitman.

6. Which of the following does not describe Almeda?
(a) Eccentric.
(b) Unusual.
(c) Compliant.
(d) Non-traditional.

7. Almeda can smell soap and ______________ scents on Jarvis' jacket.
(a) Tobacco.
(b) After shave.
(c) Cologne.
(d) Hair tonic.

8. According to Almeda, men are ______________ creatures.
(a) Incurious.
(b) Irresponsible.
(c) Domineering.
(d) Boring.

9. What is the time period of MENESETEUNG?
(a) Late-1700s.
(b) Mid-1900s.
(c) Late-1800s.
(d) Late-1900s.

10. Which of the following does not contribute to the beauty of the swamp?
(a) Parks.
(b) Mist.
(c) Sunlight.
(d) Tall trees.

11. What is unique about Almeda in her family?
(a) She got gray hair at age 18.
(b) She is the last surviving member.
(c) She has one blue eye and one green eye.
(d) She has a lisp.

12. Why does the town attract relatively young people?
(a) It has great outdoor recreation.
(b) It is an unsettled area.
(c) It is in a very cold climate.
(d) It has great schools.

13. How does the author show Almeda's naivete about the life of the lower class people in town?
(a) She never goes outside or talks to anyone.
(b) She always gives to charities.
(c) She does not give to charities.
(d) She thinks the swamp is beautiful.

14. According to Almeda, marriage would mean __________________ existence.
(a) A fun-filled.
(b) An exhilirating.
(c) A joyful.
(d) An austere.

15. Which of the following is not a typical focus of Almeda's work?
(a) Nature.
(b) Urban settings.
(c) Forests.
(d) Gardens.

Short Answer Questions

1. From whose perspective is MENESETEUNG told?

2. Almeda thinks that married women have to _____________________.

3. What is the narrator's name?

4. Almeda's house is on the corner of Pearl and ___________ Streets.

5. What does Jarvis Poulter take from the town to save money at home?

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