Men of Men Fun Activities

Wilbur Smith
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My Book, My Adventures

Zouga Ballantyne is the author of "Hunter's Odyssey," a book that detailed all of Zouga's early adventures. Imagine you are Zouga and are preparing to write your book. What stories would you be sure to include, and why? Then, design the book's cover (front and back) so as to hint at the stories inside. Be sure to include your book's teaser on the back cover. (No putting an author picture on the back!) Share your design with the class.

This is What I Saw

Imagine you are Aletta Ballantyne. You have been left behind for years as your husband goes off on one adventure after another. You have insisted on coming with him to Colesberg, yet Colesberg is nothing like what you expected. Write an entry in your journal describing what Colesberg is actually like. Then, compare and contrast the reality of Colesberg with...

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