Men of Men Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Wilbur Smith
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Section 1, Pages 1 - 48

• Zouga Ballantyne is a man in search of his fortune. He believes that fortune lies in Africa.

• Zouga makes money to stake himself on his ventures by selling ivory tusks, searching for gold, and from the book he wrote detailing his adventures.

• After being left behind several times, Aletta insists that she and her sons accompany Zouga on his next adventure.
• When the family arrives in Colesberg, Aletta begins to cry and begs Zouga to take her and her sons home.

• Zouga, determined to succeed, instead sells their oxen and cart in order to head north and buy two diamond claims.

• Aletta learns from a woman selling goat's milk that there is camp fever in their encampment. Aletta fears for her son's lives, as two children and a woman have already died from camp fever.
• Aletta, seeing her husband's determination, gives Zouga over one thousand...

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