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Nathaniel Philbrick
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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Winslow designate Thursday, June 24, 1675?

2. How many acres of land had to be deforested in a year for a town of two hundred homes?

3. Who succeeded Bradford as governor?

4. What percentage of the land in New England was suitable for farming?

5. Toward the end of the war, what did the New Englanders do with Indian captives?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Philip want the English to draw first blood?

2. Describe the story that Church tells at the conclusion of his account of the war.

3. Why did Awashonks not want to drink the rum that Church brought?

4. Why did the Plymouth's debilitating food shortages end in the fall of 1623?

5. What did the New England militia find in the Pokanokets' village?

6. Why did the New Englanders decide to attack the Narragansetts?

7. Why in the early 1640s did the Great Migration come to an end?

8. What happened to the Narragansett fort?

9. What evidence has been found that show the degree to which Western goods became of part of Indian life?

10. How did Philip resort to deception to create an alliance with the Mohawks?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Some might say it is contradictory for people with strong religious beliefs to use violence to suit their purposes. Argue why you think it was or was not contradictory for the Pilgrims to use violence. Use specific examples from the book to support your argument.

Essay Topic 2

Some say that the Pilgrims' passion and fervor that enabled them to survive those first grim years threatened to darken into a "mean-spirited fanaticism." Using examples from the book, argue whether you think the Pilgrims did or did not become mean-spirited fanatics.

Essay Topic 3

Argue whether Dorothy Bradford committed suicide or if she simply fell overboard. Use examples from the book to support your arguments.

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