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Nathaniel Philbrick
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What explorer did Massasoit attack when the explorer arrived one summer after the Indians had been attacked?
(a) Verazzano.
(b) Thomas Dermer.
(c) Champlain.
(d) John Smith.

2. What was the author researching when he decided to learn more about the Pilgrims?
(a) Boston.
(b) Cape Cod.
(c) Nantucket Island.
(d) Plymouth Colony.

3. What was the meaning of Squanto's and Hobbamock's names?
(a) Satan.
(b) Laughter.
(c) Lightning.
(d) Clever.

4. Who led the author to write about the Pilgrims?
(a) Benjamin Church.
(b) William Bradford.
(c) Massassoit.
(d) Philip.

5. When did the Mayflower set sail for England?
(a) June 17.
(b) May 1.
(c) March 16.
(d) April 5.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much was the cargo worth that the Pilgrims sent back on the Fortune?

2. Who did William Bradford marry?

3. Who was the Mayflower's governor?

4. What sachem tried to have Squanto killed in Chapter 7?

5. When was the "First Thanksgiving" most likely held?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why were the Pokanokets in a desperate struggle to maintain their existence as a people?

2. What food did the passengers find on shore?

3. In 1605, a map indicated between one thousand and two thousand people living along the shores where the Pilgrims planned to settle. Why were no Indians living along the shore now?

4. Who did the passengers choose as the leader for the colony?

5. Where should the Pilgrims have settled rather than Plymouth?

6. How did the Pilgrims solve the problem of having to entertain and feed a continual stream of Indian visitors?

7. Describe how an Indian named Epenow persuaded his English abductors to return him to the New World.

8. Why did the Separatists decide to leave Amsterdam?

9. How did the Pilgrims' first Indian visitor, Samoset, learn to speak English?

10. What disparity did Quadequina notice after the treaty between the Indians and the Pilgrims was signed?

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