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Nathaniel Philbrick
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ominous event occurred the night of June 26, 1675.
(a) A meteor shower.
(b) An large piece of an asteroid fell on the ground.
(c) Total eclipse of the moon.
(d) A midnight raid.

2. In Chapter 9, where did Miles Standish travel to pick up some corn?
(a) Mattapoisett.
(b) Manomet.
(c) Patuxet.
(d) Sowams.

3. Who believed that the only good Indian was a dead Indian?
(a) Captain Samuel Moseley.
(b) Major Simon Willard.
(c) Captain Thomas Lathrop.
(d) Richard Beers.

4. Which group of Indians became the first in New England to disown Philip?
(a) Pokanoket Indians.
(b) Narragansett Indians.
(c) Massachusetts Indians.
(d) Nantucket Indians.

5. What son of Massasoit became Pokanokets' new leader?
(a) Uncas.
(b) Miontonimo.
(c) Wamsutta.
(d) Canonicus.

6. What did England become after the death of King Charles?
(a) A Catholic state.
(b) A Puritan state.
(c) A oligarchy.
(d) An autocracy.

7. Who became sachem after Alexander died?
(a) Philip.
(b) Annawon.
(c) Tuspaquin.
(d) Hobbamock.

8. What did some of the Wessagussett settlers trade for food?
(a) Clothing.
(b) Cooking pots.
(c) Muskets.
(d) Ammunition.

9. What did Thomas Morton build instead of a wall?
(a) A fort.
(b) A maypole.
(c) A barn.
(d) A threshing floor.

10. Who decided to escape the sorry settlement of Wessagusett and find his way to Plymouth?
(a) John Hamden.
(b) Rogers.
(c) Edward Johnson.
(d) Phineas Pratt.

11. Who began equipping the Natives Americans with guns?
(a) Edward Winslow.
(b) Roger Williams.
(c) John Cotton.
(d) Thomas Morton.

12. When the Sakonets wished to stay out of the conflict, where did Bradford ask them to go?
(a) Newport.
(b) Sandwich.
(c) Lancaster.
(d) Swansea.

13. What group did Massasoit lead in his later years?
(a) Massachusetts.
(b) Naraganassett.
(c) Pequot.
(d) Quabaugs.

14. How did the Indians cross the Bacquag River?
(a) Swam across.
(b) Used canoes.
(c) Rode across on their horses.
(d) Built rafts.

15. What vandalism in 1675 caused Governor Winslow to ask for assistance from the Massachusetts Bay colony?
(a) The church was destroyed.
(b) Boats were damaged.
(c) Crops were destroyed.
(d) Burning of two houses.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many tons of lumber were required to build a home in the 1650s?

2. How many acres of land had to be deforested in a year for a town of two hundred homes?

3. What nation did Massasoit establish during the years after the Wessagussett raid?

4. What did Winslow designate Thursday, June 24, 1675?

5. Who bought the Mount Hope Peninsula went it was for sale in 1680?

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