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Nathaniel Philbrick
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Bradford blame for the difficulties the Pilgrims had paying off the colony's debt?
(a) Isaac Allerton.
(b) Weston.
(c) Roger Williams.
(d) Roger Conant.

2. What English woman was taken captive in Lancaster?
(a) Penelope Winslow.
(b) Alice Church.
(c) Mary Rowlandson.
(d) Sarah Winslow.

3. What ominous event occurred the night of June 26, 1675.
(a) Total eclipse of the moon.
(b) An large piece of an asteroid fell on the ground.
(c) A meteor shower.
(d) A midnight raid.

4. What was a shocking outrage to the Puritans at Kickemuit?
(a) The Indians had torn a Bible.
(b) The Indians captured some white women.
(c) The Indians had sent their dogs into a church.
(d) The Indians had raped a white woman.

5. What did England become after the death of King Charles?
(a) A Catholic state.
(b) A oligarchy.
(c) An autocracy.
(d) A Puritan state.

6. What did Bradford study the last days of his life?
(a) The Massachusetts language.
(b) Greek.
(c) Hebrew.
(d) Latin.

7. What was the chief concern of Weston's men?
(a) Catching typhus.
(b) Hunger.
(c) Building a fort.
(d) Fear of the Indians.

8. Which colony had relied on friendly Indians from the very start of the conflict?
(a) Connecticut.
(b) Massachusetts.
(c) Maine.
(d) Rhode Island.

9. What son of Massasoit became Pokanokets' new leader?
(a) Canonicus.
(b) Uncas.
(c) Wamsutta.
(d) Miontonimo.

10. What did Thomas Morton build instead of a wall?
(a) A maypole.
(b) A fort.
(c) A threshing floor.
(d) A barn.

11. What did the Pilgrims insist be secured before any Native land purchases could proceed?
(a) Approval of the entire Indian tribe.
(b) A deed.
(c) A title.
(d) Court approval.

12. Who did Bradford learn died in 1625?
(a) Weston.
(b) Roger Williams.
(c) Cushman.
(d) John Robinson.

13. Who was the sachem of Sakonnet?
(a) Weetamoo.
(b) Quinnapin.
(c) Awashonks.
(d) Sagamore Sam.

14. In Chapter 15, where does Church move his wife and son?
(a) Portsmouth.
(b) Boston.
(c) Rehoboth.
(d) Trenton.

15. Who had to intercede in an altercation between Standish and fishermen on Cape Ann?
(a) Thomas Morton.
(b) Roger Williams.
(c) Roger Conant.
(d) John Cotton.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did many Indians die in the summer of 1623?

2. What prophecy had Philip's pow-wows spoken about his death?

3. How far away was the nearest Indian village from Plymouth?

4. Who was the only Englishman in Sakonnet?

5. What did Winslow designate Thursday, June 24, 1675?

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