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Nathaniel Philbrick
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Winslow designate Thursday, June 24, 1675?
(a) A day of feasting.
(b) A day of prayer.
(c) A day of fasting and humiliation.
(d) A day of celebration.

2. What did some of the Wessagussett settlers trade for food?
(a) Cooking pots.
(b) Ammunition.
(c) Clothing.
(d) Muskets.

3. Who had pledged his country's support to Philip in the fall?
(a) A Canadian.
(b) A German.
(c) A Scotsman.
(d) A Frenchman.

4. Who became sachem after Alexander died?
(a) Tuspaquin.
(b) Annawon.
(c) Hobbamock.
(d) Philip.

5. What was a shocking outrage to the Puritans at Kickemuit?
(a) The Indians had sent their dogs into a church.
(b) The Indians had raped a white woman.
(c) The Indians had torn a Bible.
(d) The Indians captured some white women.

6. Who became pastor at Plymouth in 1667?
(a) John Robinson.
(b) William Bradford.
(c) Roger Williams.
(d) John Cotton.

7. Who had to intercede in an altercation between Standish and fishermen on Cape Ann?
(a) Roger Conant.
(b) John Cotton.
(c) Thomas Morton.
(d) Roger Williams.

8. To what did Massasoit's sons change their names?
(a) Alexander and Philip.
(b) David and Thomas.
(c) John and William.
(d) Miles and Edward.

9. What happened to Philip's nine-year-old son?
(a) Went to live in Swansea.
(b) Given to the Sakonnets.
(c) Sold into slavery.
(d) Went to live with the Narragansetts.

10. When was Bradford's "Of Plymouth Plantation" published?
(a) 1677.
(b) 1734.
(c) 1776.
(d) 1856.

11. What ominous event occurred the night of June 26, 1675.
(a) An large piece of an asteroid fell on the ground.
(b) A meteor shower.
(c) A midnight raid.
(d) Total eclipse of the moon.

12. What was the name of the settlement north of Wessagusett in modern Braintree?
(a) New London.
(b) Northfield.
(c) Merrymount.
(d) Lancaster.

13. How far away was the nearest Indian village from Plymouth?
(a) 40 miles.
(b) 15 miles.
(c) 5 miles.
(d) 60 miles.

14. Toward the end of the war, what did the New Englanders do with Indian captives?
(a) Put them on reservations.
(b) Killed them.
(c) Sent them to Virginia.
(d) Sold them into slavery.

15. In Chapter 9, where did Miles Standish travel to pick up some corn?
(a) Mattapoisett.
(b) Patuxet.
(c) Sowams.
(d) Manomet.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who began equipping the Natives Americans with guns?

2. What did the English use as a form of currency, especially during the English civil war?

3. Who were the most feared warriors in the Northeast?

4. Who bought the Mount Hope Peninsula went it was for sale in 1680?

5. Why was Massasoit sick?

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