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Nathaniel Philbrick
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What vandalism in 1675 caused Governor Winslow to ask for assistance from the Massachusetts Bay colony?
(a) Crops were destroyed.
(b) The church was destroyed.
(c) Burning of two houses.
(d) Boats were damaged.

2. Toward the end of the war, what did the New Englanders do with Indian captives?
(a) Put them on reservations.
(b) Killed them.
(c) Sold them into slavery.
(d) Sent them to Virginia.

3. Which group of Indians became the first in New England to disown Philip?
(a) Nantucket Indians.
(b) Narragansett Indians.
(c) Massachusetts Indians.
(d) Pokanoket Indians.

4. What colony did Roger Williams found?
(a) Rhode Island.
(b) Massachusetts.
(c) New Hampshire.
(d) Maine.

5. What did the English use as a form of currency, especially during the English civil war?
(a) Livestock and crops.
(b) Letters of credit.
(c) The Indians' shell beads.
(d) Gold coins.

6. In Chapter 9, where did Miles Standish travel to pick up some corn?
(a) Sowams.
(b) Mattapoisett.
(c) Patuxet.
(d) Manomet.

7. What friendly tribe had their wigwams burned by Moseley?
(a) Narragansett.
(b) Penacooks.
(c) Praying Indians.
(d) Pokanoket.

8. What ominous event occurred the night of June 26, 1675.
(a) Total eclipse of the moon.
(b) An large piece of an asteroid fell on the ground.
(c) A meteor shower.
(d) A midnight raid.

9. What area had become Plymouth colony's one oasis of safety?
(a) Lancaster.
(b) Plymouth.
(c) Cape Cod.
(d) Newport.

10. In Chapter 15, where does Church move his wife and son?
(a) Rehoboth.
(b) Portsmouth.
(c) Trenton.
(d) Boston.

11. How many tons of lumber were required to build a home in the 1650s?
(a) 1 ton.
(b) 14 tons.
(c) 6 tons.
(d) 12 tons.

12. Who had to intercede in an altercation between Standish and fishermen on Cape Ann?
(a) John Cotton.
(b) Roger Williams.
(c) Roger Conant.
(d) Thomas Morton.

13. What group did Massasoit lead in his later years?
(a) Massachusetts.
(b) Pequot.
(c) Naraganassett.
(d) Quabaugs.

14. What man was one of the first New Englanders to embrace the wilderness?
(a) Moseley.
(b) Lathrop.
(c) Church.
(d) Talcott.

15. Who had pledged his country's support to Philip in the fall?
(a) A Scotsman.
(b) A Canadian.
(c) A Frenchman.
(d) A German.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Philip's nine-year-old son?

2. Who succeeded Bradford as governor?

3. What ability had the Pilgrims temporarily ruined after the Wessagusett raid?

4. How close to Wessagussett colony was an Indian settlement?

5. Who were the most feared warriors in the Northeast?

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