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Nathaniel Philbrick
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sachem tried to have Squanto killed in Chapter 7?
(a) Massasoit.
(b) Canacum.
(c) Tokamahamon.
(d) Corbitant.

2. Where did the Pilgrim's plan to build their houses?
(a) Cole's Hill.
(b) Fort Hill.
(c) Near the salt marsh.
(d) In the forest.

3. How many men signed the agreement before the Mayflower landed?
(a) 75.
(b) 37.
(c) 58.
(d) 41.

4. What Indian tribe did the Pilgrims befriend?
(a) Narragansetts.
(b) Awashonks.
(c) Wapanoags.
(d) Pocasset

5. What was constructed on the high hill?
(a) Several houses.
(b) A platform to mount cannons.
(c) A storehouse.
(d) A common house.

6. What is the title of an Indian leader?
(a) Kietan.
(b) Sagamore.
(c) Sachem.
(d) Cheepi.

7. Who wrote a book about the voyage of the Mayflower?
(a) Robert Cushman.
(b) William Brewster.
(c) William Bradford.
(d) John Robinson.

8. How many people were on board the Mayflower?
(a) 104.
(b) 102.
(c) 134.
(d) 202.

9. What day did the Pilgrims erect the frame of the first house?
(a) December 1.
(b) December 26.
(c) January 1.
(d) December 25.

10. Who was the Mayflower's governor?
(a) Christopher Martin.
(b) John Robinson.
(c) William Bradford.
(d) John Carver.

11. Who was the leader of the tribe that the Pilgrims befriended?
(a) Philip.
(b) Massasoit.
(c) Andrew.
(d) Nipmucks.

12. Who was the Nauset sachem?
(a) Tokamahamon.
(b) Canacum.
(c) Aspinet.
(d) Massasoit.

13. Who was to be the governor of the new colony?
(a) John Howland.
(b) Robert Cushman.
(c) John Carver.
(d) William Bradford.

14. What were the holes along the trail that Winslow and Hopkins traveled in July of 1621?
(a) Storage pits.
(b) Mole holes.
(c) Memory holes.
(d) Shallow graves.

15. What happened to Squanto at the end of Chapter 8?
(a) He was captured by the Nauset.
(b) He died.
(c) He was imprisoned.
(d) He caught typhus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What weapon did Squanto tell Massasoit that the Pilgrims could unleash?

2. What formal and binding agreement was signed before the passengers went ashore?

3. How old was the most powerful Native leader in the region?

4. What was the author researching when he decided to learn more about the Pilgrims?

5. What group of investors did Thomas Weston represent?

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