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Nathaniel Philbrick
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the name of an ominous Pokanokets spirit of darkness?
(a) Hobbamock.
(b) Kietan.
(c) Squanto.
(d) Tisquantum.

2. The Pilgrims had their first Indian visitor in Chapter 6. How was he armed?
(a) With a knife.
(b) With a bow and two arrows.
(c) With a musket.
(d) With a bow and a knife.

3. What did Standish and the other men find on a high shore side hill?
(a) Graves.
(b) Indian pottery.
(c) Items from a French shipwreck.
(d) Dried Indian corn.

4. What were the holes along the trail that Winslow and Hopkins traveled in July of 1621?
(a) Memory holes.
(b) Mole holes.
(c) Storage pits.
(d) Shallow graves.

5. How old was Bradford when he became uneasy with the way in which God was worshipped in Austerfield?
(a) 21.
(b) 32.
(c) 12.
(d) 15.

6. Who was to be the governor of the new colony?
(a) Robert Cushman.
(b) John Carver.
(c) John Howland.
(d) William Bradford.

7. How many people were on board the Mayflower?
(a) 102.
(b) 134.
(c) 104.
(d) 202.

8. What Pilgrim went with Squanto to greet the sachem?
(a) Edward Winslow.
(b) Stephen Hopkins.
(c) John Carver.
(d) William Bradford.

9. When did the Pilgrims sail to the New World in search of religious freedom?
(a) 1620.
(b) 1710.
(c) 1562.
(d) 1492.

10. What was a third name for the spirit that Massasoit's people associated with death, night, and the bitter northeast wind?
(a) Kietan.
(b) Tisquantum.
(c) Hobbamock.
(d) Cheepi.

11. What group of investors did Thomas Weston represent?
(a) Merchant Adventurers.
(b) Virginia Company.
(c) Plymouth Company.
(d) King's Adventurers.

12. Why did Bradford not execute Squanto for his role in the plot to overthrow Massasoit?
(a) He felt sorry for Squanto's children.
(b) He wanted to keep his interpreter.
(c) He felt sorry for Squanto.
(d) He did not think he was guilty.

13. What English explorer sailed from Maine in a small open boat?
(a) Henry Hudson.
(b) Thomas Dermer.
(c) Sir Frances Drake.
(d) John Cabot.

14. What explorer did Massasoit attack when the explorer arrived one summer after the Indians had been attacked?
(a) John Smith.
(b) Verazzano.
(c) Thomas Dermer.
(d) Champlain.

15. What evidence that the Indians had lived at Plymouth remained?
(a) Old fire pits.
(b) Skulls and bones.
(c) Bits of jewelry.
(d) Cooking pots.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1676, what ship left the shores of New England?

2. What was the first building built by the Pilgrims?

3. What was constructed on the high hill?

4. Who was the Manomet sachem?

5. What Indian tribe did the Pilgrims befriend?

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