Mayflower Fun Activities

Nathaniel Philbrick
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Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article about one of the events in the book.


Create a timeline of events from the book.

The Pilgrims' Journey

Use a map to show the Pilgrims' journey from Europe and the places where they settled in the New World.

Nathan Philbrick

Research the author, Nathan Philbrick, and write a short biography about him.

Climate Comparison

Compare the climate in New England and England.

Book Review

Write a book review of the book.

New England Then and Now

Compare John Smith's map of New England to a present day map of the area.


In Chapter 4, Bradford and Winslow describe an Indian wigwam. Use their description of a wigwam and create one from twigs and other materials.


Make hominy, a common Indian food made from dried corn.

Mayflower Voyage

Imagine that you are a Pilgrim or Stranger who crossed the ocean...

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